#Oromedia-Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s statement on clashes between Sudanese forces and “Ethiopian forces and militias”
“The Council of Ministers continued to follow carefully and with interest the events in the sisterly state of Ethiopia, which began nearly six weeks ago.
Our country received thousands of refugees fleeing across the eastern borders, and our people poured out of their known generosity despite the economic conditions harsh and limited capabilities.
“[on] Tuesday evening, while our forces were returning from patrolling the area around Jabal Abutiour inside our lands, they were ambushed by some Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, and as a result, losses of lives and equipment occurred.
The Council of Ministers affirms its support and stand with the armed forces that close the gaps and guard the country, and affirms its confidence in the ability of our armed forces to protect the country’s borders and repel any aggression; emphasize the hands of the military leaders, and we salute the brave soldiers who deserve to provide all possible support.
Greetings to the martyrs who rose in repentance and a speedy recovery for the wounded and wounded.”

By Oromedia

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