Oromedia is a non profit organisation established to provide news, views, information, to provide training, to create awareness to the Oromo community in Victoria focusing on a range of current and relevant issues of Oromo national interest. It provides  news and views on topics ranging from arts, culture, history, politics, education, healthcare, business,, sports, technology and science.

Oromedia is the strategic use of media to promote public debate, and generate community support for changes in community norms and policies. Working for the goals of safe, healthy and prosperous communities, identifying barriers to strategic policy implementation, and sharing current research through media that improve the world we live in.

The purpose of Oromedia is  to provide information, to connect people, to promote knowledge and advancement through collection, production and dissemination of information, providing training, organising information session forums with the aim of sharing information, education and experiences among nation.

We believe that members of the general public are the ultimate decision-makers and opinion leaders in our society. Community attitudes, beliefs, norms, and practices are shaped by the dialogues that take place within families and the social networks we experience in our everyday lives. Hence, the role of media is to contribute to a strong civil society and active community life, provide access to knowledge and culture, extend education, and offer varied viewpoints and sensibilities.  Media, as a primary source of information, play a very powerful role in shaping the public dialogues that eventually form community rules and standards.

Oromedia follows reasoning principles based on the truly African-Oromo nation cosmological order: Safuu. Safuu comprises a broad range of ethical and moral principles and laws governing human relations in all aspects.

Our Vision:

The Oromedia’s vision is to be most trusted and creative community media that will provide high quality content and services. 

Our Mission

The Oromedia’s mission is to provide high quality content and services through advocacy, community education, orientation and information, cultural performances, awareness raising  and promotion. It is committed in promoting and advancing the community harmony to ensure that the people’s voice is heard and responded to.

Our Values:

The Oromedia is a truly independent media organisation for all Oromians. Our values are the foundation of how we work.

  • Integrity

We act with trustworthiness, honesty and fairness. We deliver on our commitments and are accountable.

  • Respect

We treat our audiences and each other with consideration and dignity. We embrace diversity.

  • Collegiality

We work together willingly. We cooperate and share in the Oromida’s challenges and successes.

  • Innovation

We foster creativity and distinctiveness. We encourage new thinking and strive to achieve quality in all that we do.

Editorial Principles:

  • Contribute to communities’ civic, educational, and cultural life by presenting a range of ideas and cultures and offering a robust forum for discussion and debate.
  • Commit to accuracy and integrity in the pursuit of facts about events, issues, and important matters that affect communities and people’s lives.
  • Pursue fairness and responsiveness in content and services, with particular attention to reflecting diversity of demography, culture, and beliefs.
  • Aim for transparency in news gathering, reporting, and other content creation and share the reasons for important editorial and programming choices.
  • Protect the editorial process from the fact and appearance of undue influence, exercising care in seeking and accepting funds and setting careful boundaries between contributors and content creators.
  • Maintain respectful and accountable relationships with individual and organizational contributors.
  • Seek editorial partnerships and collaborations to enhance capacity, perspective, timeliness, and relevance and apply public media standards to these arrangements.
  • Promote the common good, the public interest, and these commitments to integrity and trustworthiness in organizational governance, leadership, and management.

 It takes a long time to build a reputation, and very little time to destroy it. In the long run, nobody’s interested in the media that merely say what’s convenient. But if we stick to our values, they will remind us of what’s important, guide us to topics that matter, and help us create content that serves all of our national interests.


We highly value and encourage contributions from our web-readers and watchers. Also, all contributions from all unrepresented nations and nationalities are welcome.

To submit news, articles, opinions,  tips, photos, videos and general information,  contact us at oduu@oromedia.org